How to Choose Flowers for Your Future Mother-In-Law

Getting married is a joyous time. It is a time in which you make vows to spend the rest of your life with that special someone. The wedding planning can be somewhat stressful, but not quite as stressful as impressing the mother-in-law. Mothers are protective of their children, so it is important to let the future mother-in-law know that you are the right one for her child. This involves showing much respect and doing what you need to do to get her approval. If you do not get her approval, then your spouse has to hear how mom feels you are not good enough.

Well, she may not say that you’re not good enough, but it is still good to let the future mother-in-law know that you respect her. After all, she is the mother of your future spouse who is the reason for your happiness. You have to express this thankfulness somehow and a great way to do that is by giving her flowers as a simple thank you for being such a great mother to your future spouse.

How to choose the flowers

Choosing the right flowers can be somewhat difficult because you don’t want to get her flowers that she hates. You also don’t want to get her flowers that she will be indifferent about. Sure, the gesture is kind, but you want to make sure that your choice is one that will make her very pleased.

So sit down with your future spouse and ask:

1. What kind of flowers does your mom like?

2. What are her favorite colors?

3. Does she like real or artificial flowers?

Asking these questions are a great way to figure out what it is your future mother-in-law likes. If by some chance your future spouse does not know the answers to all of these questions, be observant when you are at your future mother-in-law’s house. Does she have flowers or other plants around? Does she have pictures of flowers or is there are consistency in floral patterns on curtains and even furniture? If you notice that she has a fondness for floral patterns with pink roses, then chances are she likes pink roses. If you get her pink roses, then you know that they will match the room.

Another thing to look at if your future spouse doesn’t have the answer is if there are real plants or artificial plants in the house. Does she have any pets? If she has pets, then she might prefer artificial flowers above real ones because the animals may try to eat them.

Don’t be obvious

Aside from asking your future spouse questions, try not to be too obvious when looking around the house. This can look rather suspicious. If the information is not easily available, the home most certainly contains the answers. If there are no answers within the home, ask your future spouse if she is opposed to roses. Many women love roses and giving your future mother-in-law pink, yellow, or even peach roses can make her day. By coordinating with the color themes in her home, she knows that you are paying attention, which tells her that you have a regard for her, that you are observant, and that you are concerned about what she thinks. That tells her that you respect her and you will gain her respect in return.

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