Are You Aware of the Legal Requisites of a Wedding?

It’s all well to decide to get married and live happily ever after. In fact, it’s better than just “well”. But, there is a lot of paper work involved when you want to get married. Moreover, it is vital that you understand all the legal requisites of marriage. You don’t want to be led away from the altar in handcuffs now do you?

Some Marriage Laws

While the consequences might not be that extreme, it might seriously threaten your relationship with your to-be spouse or partner. So you can never be too careful. In the United States, the Marriage License Laws for a couple vary from state to state. So it’s a good idea to thoroughly research the laws applicable in your state.

Of course, there are the usual rules and regulations which you are probably already familiar with…right? Maybe not, here are some of the rules. The license needs to be issued by a country clerk or a clerk of the court. Both parties must be above the age of eighteen, if not, they must have the consent of a parent or a judge. So if you kids are planning to elope, don’t even think about it! Grow up some!

You need to also have proof of immunity or a vaccination from certain diseases; in many states you might have to go through with a few blood tests as well. You must also have proof that you are legally single and any previous marriages have been terminated.

You also need to have the proper mental abilities required to fully understand what marriage is. Marriage happens between two consenting individuals, so both of you must fully understand the concept of it. Lastly, the two of you must not be close blood relatives, though, in certain states, first cousins are allowed to marry (gross!)!

Here’s some additional information. Same sex marriages have been legalized in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire! So if you’re in a same-sex relationship, moving to any of the states mentioned might be a stroke of genius!

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