How to Choose Flowers for Your Future Mother-In-Law

Getting married is a joyous time. It is a time in which you make vows to spend the rest of your life with that special someone. The wedding planning can be somewhat stressful, but not quite as stressful as impressing the mother-in-law. Mothers are protective of their children, so it is important to let the future mother-in-law know that you are the right one for her child. This involves showing much respect and doing what you need to do to get her approval. If you do not get her approval, then your spouse has to hear how mom feels you are not good enough.

Well, she may not say that you’re not good enough, but it is still good to let the future mother-in-law know that you respect her. After all, she is the mother of your future spouse who is the reason for your happiness. You have to express this thankfulness somehow and a great way to do that is by giving her flowers as a simple thank you for being such a great mother to your future spouse.

How to choose the flowers

Choosing the right flowers can be somewhat difficult because you don’t want to get her flowers that she hates. You also don’t want to get her flowers that she will be indifferent about. Sure, the gesture is kind, but you want to make sure that your choice is one that will make her very pleased.

So sit down with your future spouse and ask:

1. What kind of flowers does your mom like?

2. What are her favorite colors?

3. Does she like real or artificial flowers?

Asking these questions are a great way to figure out what it is your future mother-in-law likes. If by some chance your future spouse does not know the answers to all of these questions, be observant when you are at your future mother-in-law’s house. Does she have flowers or other plants around? Does she have pictures of flowers or is there are consistency in floral patterns on curtains and even furniture? If you notice that she has a fondness for floral patterns with pink roses, then chances are she likes pink roses. If you get her pink roses, then you know that they will match the room.

Another thing to look at if your future spouse doesn’t have the answer is if there are real plants or artificial plants in the house. Does she have any pets? If she has pets, then she might prefer artificial flowers above real ones because the animals may try to eat them.

Don’t be obvious

Aside from asking your future spouse questions, try not to be too obvious when looking around the house. This can look rather suspicious. If the information is not easily available, the home most certainly contains the answers. If there are no answers within the home, ask your future spouse if she is opposed to roses. Many women love roses and giving your future mother-in-law pink, yellow, or even peach roses can make her day. By coordinating with the color themes in her home, she knows that you are paying attention, which tells her that you have a regard for her, that you are observant, and that you are concerned about what she thinks. That tells her that you respect her and you will gain her respect in return.

The Wedding Official Business

Weddings are many things. They’re fun, they’re expensive, they require a lot of planning, but a wedding is also first and foremost a legal matter. And as such, there are steps the couple must take so that the union is recognizable in the eyes of the law. They’ll need a marriage license, but before that, the bride must make an important decision – to take her future husband’s surname or continue to use her maiden name.

You’d think that a name was just a name and changing it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but it really is. During previous generations whether or not a woman changed her last name was something that wasn’t given a second thought. The woman took her husband’s name and that was that. But recently, women have challenged this tradition. There is no law that says a woman’s last name must change in marriage, so really this decision is a matter of personal choice.

For those women who go a head and change their last names, the process to change isn’t hard, but it can take time. Besides making the changes with the federal Social Security Administration, which thats where it all begins, a woman must also change the name on all her certificates, her credit card accounts, her bank and all financial/insurance related documents, utilities bills, property deeds, clubs at which she is part of and at her work – not only for Human Resource and erning tax purposes, but so that a new email address and new business info can be created.

And while you’re going through the process of changing your name, you might want to consider changing your address, too. You’ve just got to double-check the timing. If it doesn’t work out right, you can pick up a change of address kit easily enough and complete this when you return from the honeymoon. It’s not really necessary to begin the process of changing your name until about 2 weeks before your wedding, so do whatever makes most sense.

One other aspect of the name change process that requires careful timing is planning your honeymoon. You might be better off making your reservations using your maiden name if you won’t have official identification (or an updated passport) with your new name ready before you leave. You don’t have to experience any unnecessary delays.

When dealing with the marriage license, be sure to check the requirements in your state of residence ahead of time. Each state will vary with some states requiring one or more witnesses and others requiring blood tests and/or physical exams, and others requiring something else such as a waiting period. Regardless of the state, you are going to pay for a marriage license. Costs will range from a low of $25 to a high of $100 or more. You’ll both need to be present and you’ll likely need to bring a birth certificate and proper identification.

Renewing Your Marriage Vows – On the Right Side of the Law

Movies, sitcoms and soapies made in the United States could mislead Australian couples into inadvertently breaking the law when they renew their marriage vows.

In various countries in the world, including the United States, it may not be illegal to go through a form of marriage ceremony if you are already married to each other.

In Australia, that could result in six months in jail for the celebrant, considerable explaining, and possibly penalties, for the couple.

Reaffirmation or renewal of vows ceremonies are a popular and romantic way of celebrating significant wedding anniversaries. By all means wear your original wedding dress (lucky you if you can get into it – I wouldn’t have a prayer!), replicate the processional, include your original attendants, exchange new rings or the old ones refurbished.

All that is perfectly legal.

However, to remain on the right side of the law in Australia, the celebrant must make it clear to everyone that the ceremony is a renewal of vows and has no legal standing, and the wording of the vows must not imply that the ceremony is a wedding.

Wedding Speeches For Father of the Bride – How to Write Impressive and Meaningful Speeches?

Wedding speeches for father of the bride are the most important and significant part of any wedding. However most fathers dread this moment and are at a complete loss of what to say and what not to say in their wedding speech.

It is true that public speaking is not every one’s forte and it is easy to feel nervous and confused when you have to deliver father of bride wedding speech in front of all family and friends.

The following tips will surely help you in writing and delivering a memorable father of the bride speech.

Wedding speeches for father of the bride – rules and regulations

  • You should introduce yourself first of all and then welcome all the guests and thank them for attending this wedding and making it such a success.
  • Remember to place special emphasis on welcoming the groom and his family.
  • Then you can talk about your daughter.
  • Tell the guests how you watched your daughter grow up and how she has, all of a sudden, blossomed into a really gorgeous bride.
  • Also say, how proud you are of your daughter, of the things she has achieved in life.
  • You can even mention your first meeting with your son in law and your impression of him at first glance. This is a good place to highlight the father daughter bond.
  • You must also mention how the relationship has evolved over time.
  • It is good if you speak a few positive words about your son in law.
  • Most father of the bride wedding speeches fail to make an impression.
  • It is always safe to take help from well-written father of the bride speech samples
  • The sample speeches give you inspiration to write a speech. In fact you can copy portions of well-written sample speeches to make them a part of your own speech. It will save you lot of time and effort.

Are You Aware of the Legal Requisites of a Wedding?

It’s all well to decide to get married and live happily ever after. In fact, it’s better than just “well”. But, there is a lot of paper work involved when you want to get married. Moreover, it is vital that you understand all the legal requisites of marriage. You don’t want to be led away from the altar in handcuffs now do you?

Some Marriage Laws

While the consequences might not be that extreme, it might seriously threaten your relationship with your to-be spouse or partner. So you can never be too careful. In the United States, the Marriage License Laws for a couple vary from state to state. So it’s a good idea to thoroughly research the laws applicable in your state.

Of course, there are the usual rules and regulations which you are probably already familiar with…right? Maybe not, here are some of the rules. The license needs to be issued by a country clerk or a clerk of the court. Both parties must be above the age of eighteen, if not, they must have the consent of a parent or a judge. So if you kids are planning to elope, don’t even think about it! Grow up some!

You need to also have proof of immunity or a vaccination from certain diseases; in many states you might have to go through with a few blood tests as well. You must also have proof that you are legally single and any previous marriages have been terminated.

You also need to have the proper mental abilities required to fully understand what marriage is. Marriage happens between two consenting individuals, so both of you must fully understand the concept of it. Lastly, the two of you must not be close blood relatives, though, in certain states, first cousins are allowed to marry (gross!)!

Here’s some additional information. Same sex marriages have been legalized in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire! So if you’re in a same-sex relationship, moving to any of the states mentioned might be a stroke of genius!