Wedding Reception Checklist – Wedding Favors and Accessories

Included in the entire wedding celebration is the wedding reception. The wedding reception is the time where the wedded couple together with their guests and participants will share a fun and exciting moment again. Foods, games, gifts, decors, favors and keepsakes are incorporated to showcase a successful wedding reception. However, planning for this party can be overwhelming because important and exact decisions need to be made.

Traditional wedding receptions include the newly proclaimed husband and wife, guests, participants such as bridesmaids, groomsmen, best man, maid of honor, flower girls, ring bearer, parents of the bride and groom, and other major personalities during the wedding ceremony. Also, the reception will never be a reception without food and wine. The menu should be catered to all the attendees. And the celebration will not end without a toast of wine.

As to the celebration, the reception, its environment should coordinate with the theme of the wedding. There are different types of wedding themes, from simple to extravagant. If you opt for a simple wedding celebration, you may want to choose accessories and essentials that are simple to match your simple wedding theme. Example, extravagant wedding favors to incorporate on simple wedding celebrations be may exaggerated and simple wedding favors may look out of place during an extravagant wedding theme. A smart choice of wedding accessories can make a great difference on the entire appeal of your special celebration. Also, a smart choice for this item can leave a memorable impression to all your attendees that they will surely love to treasure.

Literally, choices of wedding accessories such as favors and keepsakes come in a wide variety of selection. Just like other wedding elements, this can be simple and elegant. If you do have a good budget preference, you may want to purchase elegant items that will serve as your favors to your guests. And for those that have quite a tight budget, cheap items are available also. And you are most lucky to find inexpensive yet exquisite-looking items to distribute as your party keepsakes. Where to find these selections? Run to your nearest discount stores or consider shopping online. You can find several options to choose from without struggling your budget.

For other choices of wedding mementos, consider giving one-of-a-kind gifts to all your guests. These gifts serve as reminder of the celebrated day after the wedding has ended. Such ideas that can be turned into special gifts are personalized items. You may find personalized gifts wonderful and ideal to delight all your guests. And making it more delightful and memorable is by means of personalizing those desired items. Add hanging tags with wedding scriptures about the groom and bride, date, venue and even a personal message. Also, it can be made personalized by monogramming initials of the couple. These are just few ideas that comprises a successful wedding reception. Also, as the bride or groom, personalized wedding gift ideas can be considered when giving gifts to your major participants. Just make sure to choose the right one to match each personality of your role player.

Bridal Tiaras And Other Bridal Hair Accessories

One of the most popular accessories that many brides worn on their wedding day is the tiara. It is believed that tiaras have originated in ancient Egypt, and these circlets or crowns that Egyptians made are meant to be worn by the mummies. The word “tiara” originated in ancient Persia, a tall jewel embellished head ornament made truly for the king. Even Greek Gods wore headpieces that bound around their heads made of foliage and flowers. Tiaras, crowns, and other jewel embellished headpieces represent authority and pride, and although they have been used by early people back during the ancient time, they still exist and continue reigning on the heads of many, including brides.

It was Queen Victoria of England who set up the trend. She was the first monarch who wore white on her wedding day and has a beautiful tiara on her head. From there, it has been a tradition for brides to wear a white wedding gown, and they also adopted the “tiara” as part of their wedding accessories. One of the most precious tiaras was worn by Princess Diana when she married Prince Charles.

In 1950’s, tiaras reemerged and became no longer for the royal and most affluent people. They became affordable because instead of using precious gemstones, jewelers and individual craftsmen use rhinestone to maintain the beauty of a tiara without spending a lot. From there, rhinestone has become a standard on any bridal accessory, which is way affordable than a gemstone jewelry. Rhinestones are available in various shapes and sizes, and can be adorned with either pearls or crystals. They can also be customized to match any wedding color motif.

Aside from bridal tiaras, there are other more modern headpieces that brides and bridesmaids are wearing these days. There is a wide variety of hair jewelry and other head accessories that are now used by many ladies during different occasions. Usually, they are in the form of hair combs, hair pins, headbands, and hair sticks that are adorned with stunning crystals, pearls, or elegant rhinestones. These are beautiful accessories that brides and bridesmaids can wear to add sparkle to their ensemble without wearing too much jewelry on their neck, ears, or wrist. These hair accessories are perfect for proms, red carpet parties, and of course weddings.

For a long hairstyle, elegant hair combs or rhinestone headbands are perfect to wear, while a simple ponytail can turn out to be glamorous statement with a simple yet elegant addition of a rhinestone barrette. For a more up do hairstyle, a bride may wish to wear a hair comb embellished with crystals, pearls, or flowers to create an elegant finish to the hair.

Many brides opt to purchase tiaras or other hair jewelry for their bridesmaids. These can make perfect gifts for them aside from bridesmaids jewelry. These accessories can be found and purchased online along with other bridesmaids accessories and gifts. Some of the bridesmaids gifts that can go along with beautiful hair accessories include engraved compact mirrors, hair brush sets, cosmetic purses, and bridal purses.

Organising Your Wedding Stationery

Of all the things you need to do, buy and organize in preparation for your wedding, wedding stationery is something that must be planned ahead. After all, you need to let your guests know well in advance of your forthcoming big day. Your wedding invitation and accessories set the tone for your special day firmly establishing your style and taste. It is the first official message about your wedding that a guest will receive from you, so make it special. If wedding etiquette is important to you, then make a start with your wedding stationery.

The Use of the Internet

The Internet has opened up new avenues for anyone planning a wedding. All your research can literally be done online and this also applies to finding your stationery items. There are hundreds of online stationery and wedding related websites that display all types of wedding invitations and accessories for you to choose from. Today many brides do their wedding research online as you can become quickly informed of the latest trends and new products available. You can either buy your wedding stationery directly over the Internet, or collect ideas and samples and take these to your local stationery store to implement. Most online stores actually send you a sample in the post to let you look and feel the stationery items before you purchase them.

Custom Stationery

Every bride wants her wedding to be as unique as can be. A good place to start is with custom wedding stationery. The great advantage with custom stationery is that you can enter your own wording, select the typeface, text size and color. No matter what theme you have set for your wedding, you will surely be able to customize your stationery to compliment the tone. Wedding invitations and accessories can be bought in various styles such as classic, contemporary, floral, embossed, layered and religious.

On a Budget?

If you’re on a budget and looking for cheaper wedding stationery items, then you might like to consider print-at-home wedding invitations. Save money and impress your guests when you personalize and print your wedding invitations at home using free online services that are available from some major online stationery stores. You pay for the paper and envelopes and then use their software to print directly from your own PC. With sophisticated customization tools, you’ll be able to enter your text, tweak it, preview it, and print it. No mistakes, no hassles, no wasted cards – and its cheap!

Choose a Theme

The theme of your stationery should coincide with the overall theme of your wedding. For example, if you are having a garden wedding then you may choose to have a floral print on your stationery items. There are many accessory items available to help you tie your stationery in with the theme of your wedding. For example, ribbons, hearts, rings, white doves etc.. The same applies to the color of your invitations. This is normally decided upon by the color of your bridesmaids dresses.

Stationery Items

You would be surprised at how many wedding stationery items there are. While your wedding invitation is the most prominent item of stationery, you can find complimentary stationery accessories to match your wedding invitations:-

  • Wedding Invitations
  • Wedding Programs
  • Announcements
  • Engagement Announcements & Invitations
  • Save-the-Date Cards
  • Rehearsal Dinner Invitations
  • Bridal Shower Invitations
  • Wedding Accessories (menu cards, thank you notes etc..)

Plan Head

Your wedding invitation is the first official message about your wedding and your guests need to know about their invite in plenty of time. Here is a checklist to help you plan ahead and be organised:-

  • Double-check that the wording in your invitation is correct. Ask a friend or family member to also look through the invitation for you;
  • Order your invitations as soon as your date, time and place have been confirmed. Three to six months before the ceremony is what most expert planners suggest;
  • To calculate the number of invitations to order remember to count one invitation per single guest, couple and family;
  • After calculating the number of invitations add approximately 25 invitations to your order: 10-12 more for keepsakes, plus extras for the last-minute guests. Also, depending on how large your order is, add 25 to 50 additional envelopes in case of mistakes in addressing;
  • Most established wedding planners agree that you should plan to mail your invitations six weeks before the wedding. This gives the quest plenty of time to respond;
  • Make sure you have one completely assembled invitation weighed at the post office to determine the correct postage.

Wedding invitations set the tone for your wedding and tell your guests what type of style and theme you have chosen for your wedding

Wedding Day Accessories Shopping Timeline

For women who haven’t sat down to think about this yet, there is definitely a timeline for wedding accessories shopping. Although most of you know what the dress timeline is, you may not be aware of the accessories timeline. Yes, the dress should be done at least 6 months before the wedding, if not more or you will pay a rush fee to get it tailored and delivered. But, what about the accessories? What about the wedding hair accessories and everything else? What is the timeline and when do you have to make sure you have them by? Well, here is a guide to when you need to purchase your items by:

Wedding Hair Accessories: The clips and combs for your hair will need to be purchase 2 months before the wedding. This is mostly because you will want to take those things with you to your hair trial appointment so that you can figure out the best way to wear them. Also, since you will need to have some idea of what you want to do with your hair before purchasing them, you can opt for 2 hair trials, so you can buy the accessory in between, but this is sometimes pretty stressful. Therefore, I recommend buying it beforehand and then seeing how it can work with your hair. Or, buy more than 1 and sell the one you don’t use on eBay.

Undergarments: Although you may not think this is important, what you wear underneath will help you feel good about yourself all day. Just think – if you are wearing granny panties, will you feel sexy? Or, if you are wearing a turquoise blue lacy underwear set, how will you feel then? The underwear is fun because it is for you. The bra on the otherhand is most important to match with the dress. Ideal timing for finishing purchasing these is 3 months before during dress alterations for your bra and 1 month before for your underwear. This gives you enough time to find the right items.

Wedding shoes: If you are shopping for your wedding high heels then give yourself at least 2 months. Also, you will need the shoes for the alterations which means you will need them at least 3 months before. Finally, consider buying wedding flip flops to switch into and make sure you have those at least 2 weeks before.

Bridal Party Accessories – Hair Flowers and Hair Vines

Wearing flowers and vines in the hair for special occasions such as weddings is a time-honoured tradition for UK weddings. Sculptures, frescoes and statues that have survived from ancient times often depict people wearing flowers for important occasions, festivals and celebrations. In fact, it was a tradition in the Roman Empire to “crown” both the bride and the groom with flowers. This floral crown is thought to have symbolized eternal love, innocence and purity. In modern times, floral crowns have evolved into decorative bridal party accessories. In addition to flowers, jewellery embellishments worn in the hair often have floral or vine motifs. Here’s some information about these important bridal hair accessories.

Flower Accessories for Bridal Hair Styles

For ease of use, many brides are choosing silk flowers for the hair. These bridal accessories can be used in a variety of ways. For a casual wedding, the wedding party may elect to scatter flowers loosely throughout their hair. For a conservative look, choose several small flowers. To make a statement, choose one or two large flowers. Many brides elect to embellish their bridal veils with flowers fixed at the front of their headpieces. Even if the main wedding accessories are jewellery ensembles, it’s easy to add a few strategically-placed flowers for a soft and natural look. It’s also an elegant touch to echo the native flowers of the wedding’s locale in floral wedding party accessories. Flowers can also be fixed to a headband for a more casual look. Flowered barrettes and clips are also popular. The advantage of using silk rather than fresh flowers is that rare and hard-to-get fresh flowers are very easy to find in silk.

Hair Vines: Another Great Bridal Party Accessory

A hair vine is made from decorative but flexible wire that has a loop at each end. The loops are used to secure the vine to the hair. The major advantage of hair vines is their flexibility. They can be bent into a circle to surround a bun or ponytail or used straight to embellish a French twist. These bridal accessories can also be worn in place of bridal tiaras for an elegant but less formal look. For the bridesmaids, a coloured ribbon can be woven through the vine to coordinate with their dresses.

Hair flowers and hair vines are important bridal party accessories for UK weddings. Their versatility helps create a unique look and ambience for the wedding.