Wedding Dress Dilemmas

According to a recent survey, the top wedding dress dilemmas include dresses not being sexy enough, brides feeling faint at the price tag, pushy and unhelpful mothers and too-short hemlines! We believe that there is a wedding dress for every bride – and there are ways to make your search a lot less stressful! Sometimes wedding dress shopping can be difficult and at times, overwhelming, but if you plan carefully, have a good idea of what you’re looking for, and most of all have an open mind, you should be able to avoid these common dilemmas.

In our experience, the top wedding dress dilemmas are:

Indecision: Brides who start wedding dress shopping without a clear idea of a) what dress style suit their body shape, or b) what they are looking for, often struggle at first. There’s also a problem when a bride ends up falling in love with more than one dress – which one to choose?! Be open to the suggestions of others, and learn when to let go if a beloved style just doesn’t suit your body shape. Usually our brides just know when they’ve found THE dress, but other times it can be more of a difficult decision – this is when the opinions of trusted friends and family can come in handy… but beware, as this leads us onto our next dilemma…

Too Many Opinions: Interestingly, many brides-to-be have the most problems with their mothers and mothers-in-law rather than the actual dress! Be aware of how much your taste may vary compared to your mum’s, or your bridesmaids’, and try to stay cool if no one can agree with each other! One way of avoiding this situation is to spend some time before you go shopping doing some research into dress styles with whoever you plan on taking with you – that way you’ll know if your opinions are going to differ wildly. Try to bring someone whose opinion you really trust, and listen to the bridal store staff; they have many years of experience and will give you an impartial view. Another approach is to visit bridalwear stores alone at first, and bring in your friends and family to help you choose when you’ve narrowed your choices down to just one or two. That way they have less leeway to make your life difficult!

Adrenaline/Feeling Overwhelmed: Treat your wedding dress expedition like an endurance event! Make sure you’re well rested, well fed, have drunk enough water and if you start to feel faint or woozy, sit down immediately. Sometimes the tightness of the dresses, the adrenaline of trying on something so special and general feeling of being overwhelmed by the situation can lead to low blood sugar and faintness. Look after yourself – unless you’re getting married tomorrow there’s no rush! Take your time to find the right dress and spread your shopping expeditions over several visits so you are able to fit in trying on as many dresses as possible.

How to Choose Flowers for Your Future Mother-In-Law

Getting married is a joyous time. It is a time in which you make vows to spend the rest of your life with that special someone. The wedding planning can be somewhat stressful, but not quite as stressful as impressing the mother-in-law. Mothers are protective of their children, so it is important to let the future mother-in-law know that you are the right one for her child. This involves showing much respect and doing what you need to do to get her approval. If you do not get her approval, then your spouse has to hear how mom feels you are not good enough.

Well, she may not say that you’re not good enough, but it is still good to let the future mother-in-law know that you respect her. After all, she is the mother of your future spouse who is the reason for your happiness. You have to express this thankfulness somehow and a great way to do that is by giving her flowers as a simple thank you for being such a great mother to your future spouse.

How to choose the flowers

Choosing the right flowers can be somewhat difficult because you don’t want to get her flowers that she hates. You also don’t want to get her flowers that she will be indifferent about. Sure, the gesture is kind, but you want to make sure that your choice is one that will make her very pleased.

So sit down with your future spouse and ask:

1. What kind of flowers does your mom like?

2. What are her favorite colors?

3. Does she like real or artificial flowers?

Asking these questions are a great way to figure out what it is your future mother-in-law likes. If by some chance your future spouse does not know the answers to all of these questions, be observant when you are at your future mother-in-law’s house. Does she have flowers or other plants around? Does she have pictures of flowers or is there are consistency in floral patterns on curtains and even furniture? If you notice that she has a fondness for floral patterns with pink roses, then chances are she likes pink roses. If you get her pink roses, then you know that they will match the room.

Another thing to look at if your future spouse doesn’t have the answer is if there are real plants or artificial plants in the house. Does she have any pets? If she has pets, then she might prefer artificial flowers above real ones because the animals may try to eat them.

Don’t be obvious

Aside from asking your future spouse questions, try not to be too obvious when looking around the house. This can look rather suspicious. If the information is not easily available, the home most certainly contains the answers. If there are no answers within the home, ask your future spouse if she is opposed to roses. Many women love roses and giving your future mother-in-law pink, yellow, or even peach roses can make her day. By coordinating with the color themes in her home, she knows that you are paying attention, which tells her that you have a regard for her, that you are observant, and that you are concerned about what she thinks. That tells her that you respect her and you will gain her respect in return.

The Wedding Official Business

Weddings are many things. They’re fun, they’re expensive, they require a lot of planning, but a wedding is also first and foremost a legal matter. And as such, there are steps the couple must take so that the union is recognizable in the eyes of the law. They’ll need a marriage license, but before that, the bride must make an important decision – to take her future husband’s surname or continue to use her maiden name.

You’d think that a name was just a name and changing it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but it really is. During previous generations whether or not a woman changed her last name was something that wasn’t given a second thought. The woman took her husband’s name and that was that. But recently, women have challenged this tradition. There is no law that says a woman’s last name must change in marriage, so really this decision is a matter of personal choice.

For those women who go a head and change their last names, the process to change isn’t hard, but it can take time. Besides making the changes with the federal Social Security Administration, which thats where it all begins, a woman must also change the name on all her certificates, her credit card accounts, her bank and all financial/insurance related documents, utilities bills, property deeds, clubs at which she is part of and at her work – not only for Human Resource and erning tax purposes, but so that a new email address and new business info can be created.

And while you’re going through the process of changing your name, you might want to consider changing your address, too. You’ve just got to double-check the timing. If it doesn’t work out right, you can pick up a change of address kit easily enough and complete this when you return from the honeymoon. It’s not really necessary to begin the process of changing your name until about 2 weeks before your wedding, so do whatever makes most sense.

One other aspect of the name change process that requires careful timing is planning your honeymoon. You might be better off making your reservations using your maiden name if you won’t have official identification (or an updated passport) with your new name ready before you leave. You don’t have to experience any unnecessary delays.

When dealing with the marriage license, be sure to check the requirements in your state of residence ahead of time. Each state will vary with some states requiring one or more witnesses and others requiring blood tests and/or physical exams, and others requiring something else such as a waiting period. Regardless of the state, you are going to pay for a marriage license. Costs will range from a low of $25 to a high of $100 or more. You’ll both need to be present and you’ll likely need to bring a birth certificate and proper identification.

Renewing Your Marriage Vows – On the Right Side of the Law

Movies, sitcoms and soapies made in the United States could mislead Australian couples into inadvertently breaking the law when they renew their marriage vows.

In various countries in the world, including the United States, it may not be illegal to go through a form of marriage ceremony if you are already married to each other.

In Australia, that could result in six months in jail for the celebrant, considerable explaining, and possibly penalties, for the couple.

Reaffirmation or renewal of vows ceremonies are a popular and romantic way of celebrating significant wedding anniversaries. By all means wear your original wedding dress (lucky you if you can get into it – I wouldn’t have a prayer!), replicate the processional, include your original attendants, exchange new rings or the old ones refurbished.

All that is perfectly legal.

However, to remain on the right side of the law in Australia, the celebrant must make it clear to everyone that the ceremony is a renewal of vows and has no legal standing, and the wording of the vows must not imply that the ceremony is a wedding.

Designing Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding day will certainly be one of the happiest moments in your life and you want it to be perfect. Discovering the perfect wedding dress is an important condition. You have seen many models and you have visited nearly every store but you still have difficulties choosing. Something seems to be wrong.

The perfect wedding dress lives in your imagination – you have an idea about each tiny detail that will make it impeccable. Why not create that perfect wedding dress yourself?

Designing and creating your own wedding dress is certainly more difficult than purchasing it but the final result will make you 100 percent happy. You will need to do some planning and you will have to purchase materials. The process, however, will be fun and satisfactory.

Here is what you need to know in case you decide to design your own wedding dress.

Sketch Your Ideas
Give yourself some freedom and sketch the ideas you have. Putting the design on paper will help you clarify details.

Be brave and draw the wedding dress, even if you are uncertain in your drawing skills. It does not have to be a work of art, in order to be useful in the dress production process.

Look for Inspiration
Go to a wedding dress store. Try out several dresses. Apart from being very fun, this shopping spree will help you perfect your own design and it will provide you with great ideas.

Choose models resembling the wedding dress design that you have selected. Pay close attention to the fabric, the pieces that make the dress, the stitching and the additional accessories used. It is impossible to replicate a model that you like but you will have some practical knowledge about wedding dress design.

Examine designs online. Print the ones that you like. Pay close attention to the details. Choose the aspects that appeal to you and utilize those in the creation of your unique wedding dress design.

Find the Right Fabric and Supplies
If you think about making the wedding dress yourself, you will have to purchase a quality sewing machine. It needs to have various options and it has to be easy to use.

Choose a high quality machine. Something inexpensive and lacking functionalities could ruin your dress creation attempts.

The same applies to the selection of fabrics. You are going to make a dress for a very special day. Make sure that this dress is perfect. Even if quality fabrics are more expensive, the extra money spent will be totally worth it.

Focus on Details and Accessories
Pay attention to each tiny detail. This is the only way to achieve perfection. The right neckline, the place where you use lace and the embroidery have to look exactly like your dream dress.

Looking at the tiny aspects of it will help you create that one amazing dress. Going for something that is solely satisfactory will produce a mediocre result. If it fails pleasing you, start all over again.

Ask for Professional Help
You may have difficulties making the dress yourself – the process is somehow complex and you lack the time.

Search for professional help. A professional tailor will give you hints about the design and will help you modify certain aspects of it that appear to be imperfect. Consult a professional tailor and present your ideas. This way, you will be making your design happen in a perfect way.

Wedding Speeches For Father of the Bride – How to Write Impressive and Meaningful Speeches?

Wedding speeches for father of the bride are the most important and significant part of any wedding. However most fathers dread this moment and are at a complete loss of what to say and what not to say in their wedding speech.

It is true that public speaking is not every one’s forte and it is easy to feel nervous and confused when you have to deliver father of bride wedding speech in front of all family and friends.

The following tips will surely help you in writing and delivering a memorable father of the bride speech.

Wedding speeches for father of the bride – rules and regulations

  • You should introduce yourself first of all and then welcome all the guests and thank them for attending this wedding and making it such a success.
  • Remember to place special emphasis on welcoming the groom and his family.
  • Then you can talk about your daughter.
  • Tell the guests how you watched your daughter grow up and how she has, all of a sudden, blossomed into a really gorgeous bride.
  • Also say, how proud you are of your daughter, of the things she has achieved in life.
  • You can even mention your first meeting with your son in law and your impression of him at first glance. This is a good place to highlight the father daughter bond.
  • You must also mention how the relationship has evolved over time.
  • It is good if you speak a few positive words about your son in law.
  • Most father of the bride wedding speeches fail to make an impression.
  • It is always safe to take help from well-written father of the bride speech samples
  • The sample speeches give you inspiration to write a speech. In fact you can copy portions of well-written sample speeches to make them a part of your own speech. It will save you lot of time and effort.

Simple Yet Essential Wedding Planning Tips

You will certainly want to have some wedding planning tips. In fact, you should try to make sure that your wedding will go as smoothly as you plan. As a result, it is very important for you to plan for it carefully.

One thing that couples are not able to handle is getting a balance between budget and their preferences. This is probably the most important piece of wedding planning tips. You have to consider your budget whenever you are choosing your wedding items. It will certainly be very good for you if you can purchase a designer wedding dress. However, it may not be good for your wallet and you have to think carefully before you buy.

Here are some other wedding planning tips you will need to know. First of all, you will have to create a checklist for your wedding planning about a year before your big day. In fact, you should start thinking about your checklist once you have decided to get married. You will probably need to arrange a meeting with your family members and talk about your big day. Of course you do not need to have detailed planning at this stage. Yet it will be good for you to get some opinions and suggestions from your friends and family members at this stage.

You will then start thinking about your wedding date and venue. You will also need to think about the budget. As a matter of fact, you may know that you need to plan your budget before you plan for other details if you have read some wedding planning tips before.

When your budget is concerned, you have to know who will be financing the wedding. Most couples nowadays will pay for the wedding. However, your family members, especially your parents, may want to help in sponsoring your event. Again, you will need to discuss with your family members to this end. You will probably know how much you can afford at this stage.

Now, let us think about the venue. Your budget will certainly affect your choice of venue. And the size of your event will also affect your choice. A lot of articles on wedding planning tips have been stating that you will need to know the size of your event before you choose your venue. This is very true. You will need to consider your guests list so that you can have a basic idea on the size of your wedding. Be sure to ask your parents if there are some guests they would like to invite.

Bridal Tiaras And Other Bridal Hair Accessories

One of the most popular accessories that many brides worn on their wedding day is the tiara. It is believed that tiaras have originated in ancient Egypt, and these circlets or crowns that Egyptians made are meant to be worn by the mummies. The word “tiara” originated in ancient Persia, a tall jewel embellished head ornament made truly for the king. Even Greek Gods wore headpieces that bound around their heads made of foliage and flowers. Tiaras, crowns, and other jewel embellished headpieces represent authority and pride, and although they have been used by early people back during the ancient time, they still exist and continue reigning on the heads of many, including brides.

It was Queen Victoria of England who set up the trend. She was the first monarch who wore white on her wedding day and has a beautiful tiara on her head. From there, it has been a tradition for brides to wear a white wedding gown, and they also adopted the “tiara” as part of their wedding accessories. One of the most precious tiaras was worn by Princess Diana when she married Prince Charles.

In 1950’s, tiaras reemerged and became no longer for the royal and most affluent people. They became affordable because instead of using precious gemstones, jewelers and individual craftsmen use rhinestone to maintain the beauty of a tiara without spending a lot. From there, rhinestone has become a standard on any bridal accessory, which is way affordable than a gemstone jewelry. Rhinestones are available in various shapes and sizes, and can be adorned with either pearls or crystals. They can also be customized to match any wedding color motif.

Aside from bridal tiaras, there are other more modern headpieces that brides and bridesmaids are wearing these days. There is a wide variety of hair jewelry and other head accessories that are now used by many ladies during different occasions. Usually, they are in the form of hair combs, hair pins, headbands, and hair sticks that are adorned with stunning crystals, pearls, or elegant rhinestones. These are beautiful accessories that brides and bridesmaids can wear to add sparkle to their ensemble without wearing too much jewelry on their neck, ears, or wrist. These hair accessories are perfect for proms, red carpet parties, and of course weddings.

For a long hairstyle, elegant hair combs or rhinestone headbands are perfect to wear, while a simple ponytail can turn out to be glamorous statement with a simple yet elegant addition of a rhinestone barrette. For a more up do hairstyle, a bride may wish to wear a hair comb embellished with crystals, pearls, or flowers to create an elegant finish to the hair.

Many brides opt to purchase tiaras or other hair jewelry for their bridesmaids. These can make perfect gifts for them aside from bridesmaids jewelry. These accessories can be found and purchased online along with other bridesmaids accessories and gifts. Some of the bridesmaids gifts that can go along with beautiful hair accessories include engraved compact mirrors, hair brush sets, cosmetic purses, and bridal purses.

Organising Your Wedding Stationery

Of all the things you need to do, buy and organize in preparation for your wedding, wedding stationery is something that must be planned ahead. After all, you need to let your guests know well in advance of your forthcoming big day. Your wedding invitation and accessories set the tone for your special day firmly establishing your style and taste. It is the first official message about your wedding that a guest will receive from you, so make it special. If wedding etiquette is important to you, then make a start with your wedding stationery.

The Use of the Internet

The Internet has opened up new avenues for anyone planning a wedding. All your research can literally be done online and this also applies to finding your stationery items. There are hundreds of online stationery and wedding related websites that display all types of wedding invitations and accessories for you to choose from. Today many brides do their wedding research online as you can become quickly informed of the latest trends and new products available. You can either buy your wedding stationery directly over the Internet, or collect ideas and samples and take these to your local stationery store to implement. Most online stores actually send you a sample in the post to let you look and feel the stationery items before you purchase them.

Custom Stationery

Every bride wants her wedding to be as unique as can be. A good place to start is with custom wedding stationery. The great advantage with custom stationery is that you can enter your own wording, select the typeface, text size and color. No matter what theme you have set for your wedding, you will surely be able to customize your stationery to compliment the tone. Wedding invitations and accessories can be bought in various styles such as classic, contemporary, floral, embossed, layered and religious.

On a Budget?

If you’re on a budget and looking for cheaper wedding stationery items, then you might like to consider print-at-home wedding invitations. Save money and impress your guests when you personalize and print your wedding invitations at home using free online services that are available from some major online stationery stores. You pay for the paper and envelopes and then use their software to print directly from your own PC. With sophisticated customization tools, you’ll be able to enter your text, tweak it, preview it, and print it. No mistakes, no hassles, no wasted cards – and its cheap!

Choose a Theme

The theme of your stationery should coincide with the overall theme of your wedding. For example, if you are having a garden wedding then you may choose to have a floral print on your stationery items. There are many accessory items available to help you tie your stationery in with the theme of your wedding. For example, ribbons, hearts, rings, white doves etc.. The same applies to the color of your invitations. This is normally decided upon by the color of your bridesmaids dresses.

Stationery Items

You would be surprised at how many wedding stationery items there are. While your wedding invitation is the most prominent item of stationery, you can find complimentary stationery accessories to match your wedding invitations:-

  • Wedding Invitations
  • Wedding Programs
  • Announcements
  • Engagement Announcements & Invitations
  • Save-the-Date Cards
  • Rehearsal Dinner Invitations
  • Bridal Shower Invitations
  • Wedding Accessories (menu cards, thank you notes etc..)

Plan Head

Your wedding invitation is the first official message about your wedding and your guests need to know about their invite in plenty of time. Here is a checklist to help you plan ahead and be organised:-

  • Double-check that the wording in your invitation is correct. Ask a friend or family member to also look through the invitation for you;
  • Order your invitations as soon as your date, time and place have been confirmed. Three to six months before the ceremony is what most expert planners suggest;
  • To calculate the number of invitations to order remember to count one invitation per single guest, couple and family;
  • After calculating the number of invitations add approximately 25 invitations to your order: 10-12 more for keepsakes, plus extras for the last-minute guests. Also, depending on how large your order is, add 25 to 50 additional envelopes in case of mistakes in addressing;
  • Most established wedding planners agree that you should plan to mail your invitations six weeks before the wedding. This gives the quest plenty of time to respond;
  • Make sure you have one completely assembled invitation weighed at the post office to determine the correct postage.

Wedding invitations set the tone for your wedding and tell your guests what type of style and theme you have chosen for your wedding